Zune vs. iPod video

Well I’m sure that everyone has seen the Mac vs. Windows commercials. If you haven’t you probably don’t watch TV. But my favorite things is “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC”. But doesn’t PC stand for personal computer? Isn’t Mac a personal computer? Maybe it’s a shared computer? I have a MacBook Pro and I don’t want my friends to touch it. So it’s personal to me. Well I’m getting a little off track. There is a new video online about the Zune vs. the iPod. This video is for the zune. And just like those Mac commercials it has some lies. I’m just glad that there are some supporters of the zune. If there was only one company that made a product then what would be the point of the company making it any better. What the zune is going to do is start a product war. Zune will have a feature, Apple will outdo it, then Microsoft will come up with something better, and this will happen over and over. The customer is who benefits from this. But anyway enjoy the video. I’m just full of it tonight.

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