Xoopit for gmail


I have been playing around with Xoopit for gmail. Xoopit is a firefox plug-in to index your gmail messages for photos, videos and files. It takes awhile to index, I have 5000 emails, but what it has listed so far seems very helpful. There are things in my email that I completely forgot I had. It puts a nice little bar at the top of your inbox that will easily allow you to look at your files. Another neat thing is if there is a link to a video or a picture it will pull the content into inbox for you. There is one drawback that I see. Xoopit servers index your email and content. All of your content is available on xoobni.com under your account. I think they could have easily have left the content in your gmail account. There has to be another long term reason to index your files for their servers. Maybe I’m thinking to far into the future. Right now I like the feature they provide.

The service is in private beta and they have disabled invites in my account right now. But it says it should be back up in a few days so if you want to try it out leave me a comment below and I will send out invites when they become available.

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Hi! I would like a invite to xoopit. My mail box is like hell! Help! Thank you!

They still haven’t re-enabled invites yet for me. I’ll make sure to check for the next few days to see if they come back. If they do I’ll send you an email.

invite plz…

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