WWDC: Thoughts and Safari for Windows


I couldn’t go to the WWDC so I decided to watch the live updates online. I thought it was pretty blah. A few new features in 10.5 and with the iPhone. I liked it better when they would talk about this cool new stuff and I could run out and buy it right after the keynote. I would still be on a high from the keynote and spend money I normally wouldn’t spend. With 10.5 and iPhone I have to wait. Waiting makes people lose enthusiasm. The only thing that did come out of it is Safari for Windows. The new version is 3 and really it does what they claim, SPEED. It is really fast loading image heavy websites. The only problem is I have become so comfortable with Firefox that just speed isn’t enough for me to switch. Plus one of the things I like in Vista is transparent menus for the programs. Safari doesn’t allow this along with iTunes. I know they are trying to create a product image but it feels like it doesn’t fit with the OS. My feelings are that the WWDC of 2007 was a disappointment. I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

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