Windows Home Server RC

Windows Home Server RC is coming soon. This is good news since it is expected to be released later this year. The bad news is you will only be able to go to Windows Home Server RC via a fresh install. There is no upgrade option from beta 2 or CTP. If you have large amounts of data you might want to start finding a place to store it if you plan on upgrading. Or you can try the unsupported way Microsoft talked about in the email.

Server Recovery (the mechanism used to recover a Windows Home Server when the primary drive has failed and replaced) will be a choice in the setup UI in the RC and RTM. However, using this as a way of “upgrading” from Beta 2 or the CTP to RC is not officially supported. There are significant known issues (e.g. due to a bug in the CTP, using Server Recovery to move to RC or RTM will result in a loss of all Home Computer backups and any non-duplicated shared folders may or may not be preserved). We strongly recommend that you clean-install the RC.

Once I get more details on the new version I’ll let everyone know.

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