Windows Home Server: Part 2

This is part two of I don’t know how many. If you missed Part 1 click here. I will post as many as it takes to answer all the questions. The server is up and running. The idea is once the server is setup you don’t have to touch it. Leave it in a closet and forget about it. You use a program called Windows Home Server Connector. That program allows you to manage the server from any computer that is linked with it. I’ll start with the below screen shots of setting up Home Server Connector. It is a lot of next and answering a few questions.

This screen shot is the opening windows. Tells the user what to expect with Home Server.

The program scans the network looking for the Home Server. I of course forgot to plug it in to the network. Gave a message to make sure it was plugged in and turned on. I plugged it in and it found it right away.

Once it find your Home Server and you click next you have to type the password in for the Home Server. When you first setup the Home Server you have to specify a password. It has to be at least 5 characters.

Now it is logging you into the Home Server. Takes a few seconds to complete. It will place an icon down by the clock. Mine however was yellow and it was suppose to be green. Click on the icon and it says the user Jeremy isn’t a user on the server.

After seeing this message you need to log on to the server. When you run through the wizard above it installs a program on your computer called Home Server Connector. Click on that, type in the server password. It will give you a screen to add users. Add your user account from the computer your on and save. It takes a few more seconds and that icon down by your clock with turn green. All that means is you can now sync files from your local computer to the server.

This is a picture of the window you will get if you click on the Home Server Connector application.

The tools menu will allow you to control everything on the server. This picture and the pictures below are of the tools menu. This is all through the Home Server Connector.

As you can see by all the tools that Microsoft is really trying to keep people off the server. They want you to do the first install and forget about it. And if you ever need to do anything you can do it from the Connector app and not on the server. I’ll get more pictures of the user account creations and the setting up shares. I can tell you that if you do share items it will automatically put a shortcut on your desktop to the share files.

So far this has been a really easy setup. Microsoft is doing well by making this an easy process. From my first look at it it still seems like some things will need to be simpler in order for wide spread adoption. But considering you need a dedicated server, wide spread adoption will probably not happen. Again if you have questions please post them in the comments. I want every one to get a good idea of how Home Server will work.

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