Windows 7 Hidden Startup Switches for Media Center

Using the hidden Media Center switches in Windows 7 will allow you to customize the way Media Center starts up. Some of the switches don’t seem that useful but there are a few that many will use. The list of switches is below. You can find out how to apply them at Missing Remote.

/nostartupanimation – stops the startup sound and Windows Media Center logo “pebble” going off into the distance
/noshutdownui – removes the “shutdown” item from the tasks menu
/mediamode – starts in media only mode (no close/minimize/maximize options in top right corner)
/widescreen – start in widescreen mode, even on 4:3 display (windowed only)
/nochrome – display windowed mode Media Center but without the window chrome
/playallmusic – plays all your music instantly
/playfavmusic – plays all your favorite music
/playfavslideshow – plays your favorite slideshows only
/playfavslideshowwithmusic – plays your favorite slideshow with music
/playslideshow – plays all slideshows
/playslideshowwithmusic – plays all slideshows with music
/screensaver – starts the Media Center screensaver
/configuress – starts Media Center at the “configure screensaver” screen

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