Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home

Well this was an interesting Christmas this year. I didn’t think the Wii was that cool so I decided not to try to get one on release day. But I was wrong really wrong. After hearing a few people talk about it I wanted one. But I wasn’t the only one, my girlfriend really wanted one too. She wanted to go on release day, boy should I have listened but I’m a guy I’m not suppose to listen. So I thought the perfect Christmas gift would be to get her one for Christmas. Well me and the rest of the world wanted one for Christmas. So 3 weeks before Christmas my brother and I went around to all the local electronics stores, best buy, circuit city, toys r us, and target. All of them said they would have them that Sunday. So we planned to get up early and try and get one. Well we woke up early about 5 to get to the stores early. I left the house and we did a quick drive by of all the stores. Toys R Us had the smallest line at about 10. So we went there. We got there around 6 in the morning. A very cold morning at 13 degrees. And wouldn’t you know it that at 5 when I woke up I wouldn’t think to but on warm cloths. I had jeans a tee shirt and a coat that people in Florida would call their winter coat. My brother wasn’t much smarter but he at least had a sweatshirt on. And I know you are probably laughing but I don’t think clear at 9 let alone 5 in the morning.

Well we waited and waited and the end result is we both got a Wii. I couldn’t feel my feet, face and hands but I had a Wii. The problem is that I had to keep this a secret until Christmas. I had the hottest toy of the year and I couldn’t tell anyone. So I gave it to my parents and had them hide it from me. She was really surprised with the gift and wanted to know how we found them. I told her the about story and of course I’m an idiot for not wearing warm cloths. But she loved the gift and we have been playing it a lot. We actually went to the building I work at to play it on the projector. Below are the pictures of it. It wasn’t our biggest projection screen but it was better than our 42 inch TV at home. We have a huge projection screen but it is in a lecture hall and the seating makes it difficult for me to play tennis. 🙂 Enjoy your Wii if you have them, because I sure am enjoying ours. If you don’t have one get one. It was well worth the price.

That first picture is so you can see how big the screen is. Not the biggest ever but plenty big to play some Wii Sports and some excite truck. Oh and excite truck is great if you haven’t played it.

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