Why Me?

Well I thought I better give people a better understanding of why they should come here and read my stuff. What makes me better then anybody else on the internet? Well nothing really. I just like to keep things simple. If something can’t be setup or wired easily then it is not going to attract people. That’s my problem with this whole multimedia idea. Things are too complicated. Here on this site I don’t want that. I have tried the complicated things. I want to give people the easier solutions. Or make the hard things seem easy. There are a lot of great software and hardware products out there. I will go through them here. If you have any ideas for the site let me know by emailing Ideas. If you have problems with multimedia things and would like to discuss them on the site email me at Problems. I am also going to put some info about my personal Multimedia PC. I will include the system specs and some pictures. I am proud of it. Check back soon.

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