WHS bug update

AnandTech has a nice write up on the WHS bug.

Since the initial report Microsoft has been attempting to reproduce the issue in order to fix it, and finally this week they have announced that they have fully identified the problem, its causes, and what needs to be done to fix it.

I’m glad they now know what is causing it.  Below is from the article on what the cause is.

The faulty algorithm in the Drive Extender software is effectively an unstable sort. The WHS development team has to completely rewrite part of the Drive Extender software to use new, safe algorithms that will not suffer from this assumed race condition. This is what makes the situation so grim, there is little worse than having to completely rewrite a piece of shipping software to fix a bug, both for issues of morale and time.

What little good news that is here is that the dev team has already identified a possible fix and has started testing it, so it is in fact possible to correct the issue and the dev team has a good enough understanding of the issue to create a fix.

I’m still holding onto my WHS trying to make it work for me. I really liked all the features that WHS had to offer. But over the past two weeks I have been trying to find places to put all my files to get them off of the WHS. At this point in time I don’t trust it. I know reading files isn’t going to cause any issues. But what happens if I accidentally save a part of a file and it starts messing with other files. Anything is possible in my mind. My 600GB of files on the home server is more important to me than the $180 I spent for the software.

It is good to read from AnandTech that Microsoft already has a fix in testing. I just hope it comes soon and I don’t have to wait until June. June is a long time to wait when your talking about consumers data. I would be very surprised if Microsoft makes it out of this without some class-action lawsuits.

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