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I was a little worried about how vonage would compare to regular phone service. But the computer geek that I am I had to have it. I have been using my cell phone for almost a year now and didn’t really see the need to have a house phone. But once I heard about Vonage I thought I need to get that. Well as of June 1, 2005 they finally had my area code. I bought the $24.95 plan cause I don’t like to worry about minuets. The online ordering went very smooth. The only complaint I have with it is that they require a credit card or debit card for payment. And this is just a me complaint. I don’t own a credit card and rarely keep any amount of money in my checking account. Most people see online bill payment as an advantage.

Well after ordering online I had to wait for the the phone adapter to come in. I am not a patient person so this is annoying to me. When I buy something I want to play with it. Usually the companies I order through I know I will get my package in a few days. With Vonage I had no idea. They say 7 business days before it will be shipped. Well it was only 2 business days before it was shipped which I was very happy about. And it only took 2 more days to arrive at my house.

I finally got to play with my new phone service. I went and bought new phones and everything. The phone adapter that I received is a Linksys 3 port router with 2 phone jacks. I thought I might have some trouble setting it up since I use D-Link routers for wireless. But it was really easy to setup. I only use the Linksys to control the phone. I gave it a static IP address. The only trouble I had was I had to have my desktop connected to the D-Link and my laptop connected to the Linksys to set them up. But it wasn’t that much trouble. Just involved my going to my room and getting my laptop. Total setup time out of the box was only about 20 minuets. And that was running the wire and everything.

Well now to the service. This is the part I was worried about. The phone service really suprised me. The phone was crystal clear. It was a lot better quality then my cell phone. But I wanted to test how good it is. So I decided to run some bandwidth intensive programs on my computer. Steaming music and video. The reception was still fine.

I haven’t played around with to many of the other features. I really don’t have a need for all that extra stuff. But the voicemail and the forwarding calls works great. Caller ID is a plus too.

If someone is looking for phone service this is a great option. I know that some people wont give up their phone numbers that they have had for years. And if vonage could offer a way to transfer you existing number or allow you to pick a number that would be great. They just give you a number in your specific area code at random. I would of really liked to pick a number. And remember that if your internet goes down so does your phone. And 911 dialing is not the same as regular phone service. For me I highly recommend the service from Vonage.

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