Vista for business is available

Vista for business is out and available. We have our copies here at the place I work. The funny thing is we have had the ISOs for a couple of weeks, just not the product keys. We have our volume license keys now but we can’t start distributing them. We have to decide how we are going to handle them. With Vista you can setup your own activation server. With the activation server all volume keys on your network will have to re-authenticate with the server every 180 days. The problem is mobile computers. How do we handle the activation when not all the laptops will be on our network? Well this isn’t my decision I just want them to figure it out so I can stop using beta on my computer and get the full version. Even when we do get the keys figured out we are only upgrading the Tech staff. Others will have to wait until summer 07, our slower time, for upgrades.

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