Video: Tesla S Touch Screen Console

The new Tesla S looks like a pretty sweet car. The inside is no different. It uses at LCD screen for the dashboard and a 17″ touch screen for the console. The video above doesn’t go into too many details but it does show some issues with have a massive touch screen for your controls. You will notice that there is a horrible glare on the screen. It will be difficult to control if you can’t see. Maybe the driver seat would be better but I’m guessing if the sun is shinning in it’s going to make it difficult. My other concern is tactile feedback. After a few weeks driving a car you don’t really need to look at the controls to turn on the fan or change stations. With the touch screen you are going to have to look at it to control it.

I think it’s great that they are packing this technology into their new car. Someone needs to start it for other manufactures to try it out. I could see Ford adopting this into their cars with Microsoft’s sync technology. You could use voice to control any aspect of the cars controls without looking at the screen. ” Car, Air Conditioning on Low.” Wouldn’t that be cool.

(via TechCrunch)

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