Video: New Mac Mini?

Mac Mini 2009 Edition – video powered by Metacafe

There was a picture going around yesterday which was apparently a new Mac Mini.  The sites had fun with the photo and eventually everyone started to agree it was a fake.  So a video popped up of the Mac Mini.  I’m still thinking it’s a fake. Take a look at the video above.

Why I think it’s fake:
1. It doesn’t make sense for Apple not to keep with the black and silver look.  All the laptops and the iMac line have that look to it.  They also have the new cinema display.

2. Firewire is dead on the newest laptops. Why would they put a 800 port on it.

3. I would love if the Mac Mini would have dual displays, I don’t think Apple would put a mini DVI port and a mini DisplayPort. My guess is if they wanted two displays they would put two mini DisplayPorts on it. They are pushing the technology.

I’m just giving my opinion. Part of me wants to believe it’s real in the hopes they will update the line. I have been holding on to my G4 1.42GHz Mac Mini waiting for a product refresh.

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