Video: New Droid “Stealth” Commercial

There is a new Droid commercial being aired. I have embedded the video above. They are putting a lot of marketing into this phone and I think it’s well worth it from what I have read so far. I had plans of camping out for it but once again Verizon is causing problems. I have received an email and 2 letters trying to get me to upgrade my phone. I called to verify that is correct explaining that I don’t want to camp out if I can’t get it. They said I can’t upgrade at their 2-year price but it will only cost $50 more. I’m calling again tomorrow to triple check that info. I had a similar issue with the Storm but was denied the upgrade. I canceled plans to camp out, tried to get it on the phone with no luck. Next day they sent me a text telling me to call to upgrade and they said yeah you can upgrade. I had the Storm the next day. I’m guessing that for some reason their mailing department and my online account aren’t matching up. That’s fine for some people but not for someone like me that wants to take advantage of every upgrade your willing to give me.

I’m still holding onto hope that I can get Droid on Friday.

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