Video: Blackberry Storm Scratch Test

I have been playing with my Blackberry Storm all night, along with reading my RSS feeds.  I stubled upon this video where this guy was seeing if he could scratch his Blackberry Storm screen.  The first thing he used was a rambo knife.  I won’t spoil the outcome or the reason why he did it.  I know I wouldn’t attempt any scratch test on my Storm.

(via UberGizmo)

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The BlackBerry Storm is an interesting phone and I really like the idea of the haptic keyboard BUT it has no WiFi which in my opinion is a major flaw. Plus there are quite a few bugs in the current phone, but that is common for a new device these days & software updates are fixing them. Hopefully the Storm 2 will be a much more polished device.

The no WiFi doesn’t bother me. Verizon requires a data package and I am in a EVDO area. There really is no need for me to switch to WiFi. I didn’t think the first gen software was bad. The .75 update has been solid since I installed it. I really like the Storm.

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