Video: Amazon On Demand HD on the Roku Box

Engadget got a preview of Amazon on demand HD for the Roku box. I have two Roku boxes at home and can honestly say I haven’t used Amazon at all. While the HD does look good it’s not good enough to spend the money. As of right now the streams are only in stereo sound. While I find stereo acceptable when I’m streaming season three of Hereos in HD, it’s not when I spend $3.99 for a movie rental. Even though I probably won’t use the service I like to see they continue to make the service better. Who knows with the next update we might get 5.1 dolby digital.

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The Amazon VOD in HD on TiVo is 5.1 when available, fyi.

So if TiVo is using it than it must mean it’s a limitation of the Roku box, for now. The Roku box has optical out so I’m sure it can handle 5.1 in a future firmware upgrade. They will probably wait until Netflix starts streaming 5.1 audio, they only use stereo right now.

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