Version 2 of the Media Center Extender

I have lots to say about the extenders and most of it isn’t good. I have been waiting for these to come out for a long time now. And with the announcement of the specs I was really happy. But when the prices were released I was shocked. Someone messed up big time when they decided that an extender should be in the $300 plus range. I was guessing between $150 and $200 without a DVD drive. If they would have stuck with $150 to $200 I would have ordered a few of them as soon as they were available. But for $300 they can keep it. I can build a stripped down computer for $400 that I can install media center on and pull from the central server. It might not be as easy to setup as an extender but it will serve a lot more functions. Also for a few more dollars I can buy a xbox 360 that can serve as an extender and play games.

And the looks of these new extenders look like the original xbox, big and clunky. The original linksys extender looked better. Then there is wireless N. I don’t mind wireless but make it an option. I spent a long time running 2000 feet of cat 5e and have no need for wireless.

Microsoft has something with Windows Media Center. It is a piece of software that works well and has lots of additions. Microsoft has continued to offer new services for it and as of recently companies have started developing applications to work with it. Then the one thing that could take Media Center from one TV in the house to all your TVs was poorly launched with high prices. I hope someone fixes this soon.

Well enough with the complaining. Below is some information about the new extenders.

Linksys Media Center Extender with DVD Player (DMA2200) – $350 – There isn’t a lot of information on the Linksys site. Basically it’s a media center extender.

Linksys Media Center Extender without DVD Player (DMA2100) – $300 – There isn’t a lot of information on the Linksys site. Basically it’s a media center extender.

D-Link DSM-750 MediaLounge HD Media Center Extender – $350 – The website does have some good information on types of file formats and inputs/outputs.

Niveus Media Extender – EDGE – No Price – This is actually my favorite out of the ones available now. But with no price it can only mean it’s expensive. It doesn’t have wifi and only 10/100 network.

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