Use iTunes 9 Home Sharing Across the Internet

When I first read about Home Sharing in iTunes 9 I thought that I would have the ability to stream from home. It wasn’t like that but it’s still a good feature. Mac OSX Hints has a how to on streaming music over the Internet with Home Sharing.

Step by step:

1. Download HamachiX, and have your friend do the same.
2. Run HamachiX and let it do all the fun things it needs to do. Then click the Plus button and make up a network name and password. Optionally open the Preferences and set a nickname for simplicity’s sake.
3. Choose Create Network [and have your friend launch HamachiX and choose Join Network].
4. Give HamachiX a minute, and hit Refresh until you see your friend is connected.
5. Open iTunes and set up Home Sharing with the same account on both machines. If you had previously set up Home Sharing, click Advanced » Turn Off Home Sharing, then turn it back on to switch usernames.

I wouldn’t do this with a friend unless you live in some other country than the US. The HamachiX program hasn’t been updated since 2006 so this might not be the best solution but it is a solution. The comments have a few other suggestions that you might want to try if your looking for this type of feature.

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