Upgrade to Vista not possible

Well I have read on some other sites, I won’t mention here, that people aren’t upgrading to vista. Businesses are saying that upgrading to vista won’t happen anytime soon. Well there is a very good reason for that. It’s not available to install. The place where I work we use volume licenses. The licenses won’t be available until April 2007, we tried to get them earlier. So it’s not that we don’t want to upgrade or upgrade our users but we can’t without the product keys. The release of vista to businesses was more of a paper release, for the public, then here are your keys and go to town installing them. Most businesses use volume licenses so if we can’t get ours then I’m sure there are other businesses out there that can’t get theirs. Also with Vista you have the option to setup your own product registration server or using Microsoft’s. So there is also the time of setting up servers to run your own and the paperwork that is involved in setting one up. Vista will get installed on our (tech staff) machines when we get the keys and I have a feeling lots of people will be getting upgraded to vista this summer during our slower time. One interesting not is we have our pricing for Vista Business. It will be $80 for the upgrade from XP Pro. That will be the price for employees, students and departmental machines.

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