turn the Wii into a media center extender

With all the new releases by Nintendo today I thought I would share something you can do with your Wii while you are waiting for the retail launch of the new products. Everyone knows that the Xbox 360 is the best media center extender but what if you only own a Wii. The programs listed below will get your started, streaming about any type of content to the Wii. Each program has it’s pros and cons. I suggest trying each one until you find the perfect one or combination for you. My personal favorite and the reason why I put it at 1 is Orb. But after 1 the list is in no particular order.

1. Orb

2. Wii Transfer

3. Mii Music

4. Viewii

5. FineTune

6. Wii Hear

7. Wii Media Center X

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Your don’t specified if the sodtware should be installed on the wii or on the pc.

Those programs would be installed on your computer. They stream different content using the Wii browser.

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