Top 10 Posts of 2009

As we move to 2010 it’s interesting to look back at the top posts of 2009. Below are the top 10 posts of 2009.

1. Time machine to Windows Home Server – This post or few posts have been top for awhile now. The latest update is listed as top 15 and I only posted a week or so ago. I will continue to improve the process and work around blocks WHS and Apple put up.

2. Turn the Wii into a Media Center Extender – This post has continued to draw traffic. It’s something I have been meaning to revisit as things have changed since I posted it. It’s 7 apps that will help bring your digital content to your Wii.

3. western digital HD media player – The Western Digital Media Players have been extremely popular on the site. Lots of people looking for information about them.

4. western digital live tv media player – This is my favorite of the Western Digital players. It offers network support which is a must for current players.

5. computer cooled with mineral oil – This project has been huge. Lots of comments and traffic. I am planning on revisiting the project with an updated post and videos. I still have the computer and I think it’s time to pull it out of storage. I believe it will be the oldest mineral oil computer on the Internet. With the original mineral oil.

6. install multiple programs at once – Simple program that I probably need to revisit. There are lots of new ones in this area.

7. stream your iTunes over the Internet from a Windows Home Server – Who doesn’t want to stream your music from your server. Easy plug-in for WHS.

8. android on my Nokia N800 – Wanted to test out Android and had a N800 laying around. You can get use out of old gadgets.

9. installing hard drive in Popcorn Hour – This post was probably more popular than it was meant for. Other sites said I hacked the device but it’s a how-to. I’m glad so many people found it useful.

10. install boxee on AppleTV – I talk a lot about Boxee because I use it and like it. Boxee will become more mainstream this year. When you partner with D-Link you have made an impact in the market.

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