The new Zune version 1 and 2

The link above is to last100 and a post about the 5 things Microsoft did right with the zune. I agree with them on the 5 things and I will talk a little more about them below.

I wanted to start out by saying that I understand that the new Zune isn’t much different than version one. But the changes they made reflect some of the changes Zune users wanted. A company that is willing to change things to make users happy is a good thing. One other good thing Microsoft did, and why I titled the post like I did, is that there will be a firmware update for the version 1’s that provide the same features as the new Zunes. So if you have a version 1 it will be like getting a new device. If Microsoft would have changed the Zune completely with entirely new hardware set they wouldn’t have been able to offer that to version 1 owners (early adopters). That was a good move on Microsoft’s part. Let’s get onto the new features.

1. Wifi music syncing: This gives a little more functionality out of that wifi card. You can sync the zune over a wireless network. Another addition is songs you pass to other zunes don’t expire after 3 days. You only get to play it 3 times but it could be 3 times in a year. Also if you receive a song you can send it to someone else. This isn’t a big feature yet because most people have ipods, but if zunes become more popular I could see this being used, even by myself.

2. Support for audio/video podcasts: This is long over due. I feel uncomfortable listening to Ian Dixon’s Media Center Show on my ipod.

3. Windows Media Center video recording support: Finally, the Zune and Media Center can be friends on their own. This was possible with third party programs but when you add an additional program it isn’t easy. I’m sure this was a feature Microsoft added after listening to the users.

4. Social Networking: Well this feature from what I read doesn’t appeal to me that much. You get a “Zune Card” and the website will display what song you are listening to. It’s a website around the “Welcome to the Social”. There are enough social networking sites out there that I can’t keep up with. I don’t really need another one to show what song I am listening to. Microsoft did say that eventually there will be a widget for other social networking sites to display the song information. What they should have done is created the website that lets you create the widget and left it at that.

5. Backward-compatible firmware update: I talked about this above. Thanks Microsoft from all version 1 zune owneres. I don’t own a Zune but I’m sure they people that do appreciate you thinking of them.

I think the Zune has potential to be a great MP3 player. If Microsoft keeps listening to the users and adding features I’m sure it will grow in popularity. I’m really considering buying a Zune instead of a new ipod. Plus the Zune marketplace is going to go DRM-free. And after dealing with Apple’s DRM I’m ready to move on.

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