The New Xbox 360 and Kinect

Microsoft had a pretty big day today. Lots of new things came out at E3. First they launched the new look of the Xbox 360 with slimmer size, bigger hard drive and wireless. It was time for them to refresh the look and I think it looks really good.

Second they announced Kinect, which was called project natal. I had mixed feelings about Kinect and how it would be different than a Wii setup. Well they showed that it’s more than just a motion control and might actually get me to buy an Xbox 360. Not only will Kinect allow you to control games but allows for video chat and voice control. The price isn’t bad either at $149 or $399 for the Elite bundle. The one issue that bothers me is the USB connection. With so many people hanging TVs I would have rather seen a wireless connection for Kinect. Unless I missed something it looks like it’s only USB.

Check out Engadget for all the info on todays news.

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