The Lost iPhone Fiasco

It’s been a little crazy in the tech world the last few days. I unannounced iPhone showed up in some bar which turned into this huge story. I won’t go into all the details since you probably already know most of it. Gizmodo bought the phone and has a lot of information on the device. I wasn’t planning on writing anything about it since I wasn’t sure how I felt about Gizmodo buying someone else’s phone. Some are calling it stolen property. I think the legal side of things is borderline.

I don’t blame them for buying the phone. I would have bought it too if I would have that kind of money and lawyers to back me up. The one place where I think Gizmodo was wrong was in disassembling the phone. It’s nice to know what’s inside but that just seems wrong to me. If you find something of mine I don’t want you taking it apart. I don’t care how fascinating it is. It’s not like the owner put his home address on the inside of the case.

I’m guessing this story isn’t over yet. Apple is probably still hard at work trying to figure out what to do next.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m interested in what other people think of the matter.

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