The iPod Touch Isn’t Going Anywhere

iPod Touch (Home)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Silvio Sousa Cabral

There has been talk of the iPod Touch being discountinued or upgraded.  There is a couple of reasons why the rumors are going around.  First the iPod Touch is more expensive than the iPhone.  Why not just buy the iPhone.  The secound reason is because there is a shortage of iPod Touches in the stores.  Shortages mean end of life? Or does it mean new product?

Lets start with why Apple will keep the iPod Touch and not just have the iPhone.  It’s because there are people in the world like me.  I won’t switch to AT&T as a phone provider (at least for the time being).  Therefor I can’t get an iPhone.  The iPod Touch is the next best thing to having an iPhone.  It does everything the iPhone can do but make calls.  There are millions just like me for one reason or another that don’t have AT&T that will buy the iPod Touch.

The shortage is easily explained because Apple is running a promotion right now to get a free iPod Touch with Mac purchase (Back to school special).  With MacBook sales way up, you would expect that people are adding the free (after rebate) iPod Touch to the order (I did).  Since most people pay with credit card and Apple is very fast with rebates, you will probably have your rebate for the iPod Touch before you even have to pay your credit card bill.

Now I’m guessing that the iPod Touch will get an upgrade with GPS.  But that won’t happen until after the Back to School special that ends in September.  There is no point in releasing a new product when you’re giving away the current model.

Just my thoughts on the iPod Touch situation.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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You make some good points, the ipod touch probably won’t go anywhere as the iphone requires a contract with AT&T.

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