Survey Puts You Closer to Testing Media Center in Windows 7

Windows 7 has made a lot of news lately even though most people can’t even test it.  Microsoft is recruiting The Green Button members to test media center in Windows 7.  You have to fill out a survey and hope they except you.  There seemed to be a lot of focus on satellite TV.  In my opinion this is a sign of the DirecTV tuner coming.  Microsoft, I have DirecTV and would love to test.

From the Green Button forums:

Greetings members of the Green Button community:

The Media Center team periodically posts a hardware survey to Microsoft Connect in order to update their records of potential beta testers.

By completing the survey below, you will automatically been entered into a pool of potential testers we can select from. If you are chosen as a Media Center beta tester, we will follow-up with an email when a beta will be available.

Please take a moment to complete the following instructions to access this survey.

1. Go to

2. Please enter the following invitation code on the Connect main page, where it says “Were you invited to join Connect?”:


3. Complete Survey.

You are only allowed to complete this survey once.

Please chose just one (1) dedicated PC for testing when responding to this survey.

(via GeekTonic)

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