Stream Your iTunes Music Over the Internet from a Windows Home Server

MediaSmart Home has a tutorial on how to stream your iTunes library over the internet using your Windows Home Server.  The tutorial is 13 steps that are fairly easy to follow.  It uses Firefly and FirePlay.  Firefly is a Windows Home Server Add-in.  FirePlay is just 3 files that need to be added to the Firefly directory.  I haven’t set this up yet but might tonight if I get a few minutes.

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I setup the server and it is working well. I had to install the WHS add-in, the firefly software and add the fireplay files. It is still indexing which I set to aggressive. I’m hoping I can get multiple people streaming at the same time.

[…] If you’ve ever been interested in learning how you access your HP MediaSmart Server’s stored music collection from any web enabled device, the following how-to guide at MediaSmart Home does a fairly good job explaining how you can go about doing this. The guide shows you how to enable and configure the Firefly Media Server for remote access (delves into port forwarding, firewall settings, etc.) and also introduces you to Firefly’s playback add-in, FirePlay (requires Flash). The catch to this setup, of course, is it can only stream DRM-free music tracks. On the plus side, Firefly provides on-the-fly transcoding of OGG, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and WMA to MP3. In addition, Firely is able to sift through your iTunes library and even read playlists. [via] […]

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