Searchme beta thoughts

I have been testing out the new beta of Searchme. While I really like flipping through the pages the search results aren’t good. Take the keyword “multimedia pcs”. My site is on the first page and generally number one on Google, Live, Yahoo and Ask. On searchme I can’t even find it. Now my site isn’t that poplar so they might not take a snapshot of my site. Ok well if I go to searchme and type Gmail in the search shouldn’t that give me an accurate search. It doesn’t. I flipped through about 25 pages and none were the logon page for gmail. The first page is Google’s homepage and then a wikipedia entry. I really like the idea but unless the search results get a lot better I won’t be using it. Also they need some way to filter parked pages. I lot of search terms I tried brought the default park page as a result. I’ll keep playing with it to monitor their progress. They might have been better off taking Google’s results and putting their front end on it. Then we would have a really slick search page. The video below is of searchme.

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