Roku Rolling Out Netflix Update

Roku has started rolling out the Netflix UI update. You can manually do the update by going to setting, player info and check for update. The new interface was much needed as blu-ray players, xbox 360 and even the Wii had a better looking UI. The new interface allows you to browse by category, search by title and add the movies or TV shows to your queue.

While the interface is a lot more visually appealing it still needs some changes to navigation. I would rather see Instant queue, search, recently watched and category browsing as tabs along the top. As it is right now you have to keep scrolling down. It seems like the list keeps going and going. Then when you find a section you want, like comedy, you start side scrolling through a long list. It seems awkward and I always click too many times going back to the top that it takes me out of the app. Overall it’s a good update and it’s free.

Video below showing the new UI.

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