Roku Box Getting more Features and Additional Content?

There has been talk about the Roku Netflix box getting additional content and features. Right now all the talk is just rumor. But the rumors might not be that far off. First Tim Twerdahl, the VP of Consumer Products for Roku said on a hot hardware interview that the Netflix agreement

allows Roku to seek out other content providers to put their content on the Roku box.


We’re talking to all big web video providers right now. Of course, I can’t go into specifics — but we are looking into a number of ideas.

That basically says there is more to come. The second thing is I received an email from Roku today for a survey. The survey was all about what type of additional content I would want. It ranged from online photo sharing sites, music services, to big video content providers. YouTube and Hulu were mentioned. There was also mention of Internet browsing and adult content. At the end of the survey they asked what you would be willing to pay for an upgrade and to rate which services/features you would want first, second and third. My votes for Hulu as number one.

I’m guessing but I think Roku is trying to decide what content they want to provide first to maximize sales. I thought $99 was a great price for just Netflix. If they add other services, the Roku box will be one set top that everyone will want.

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