Review: Windows 7 Media Center

EngadgetHD reviewed Windows 7 Media Center in a very nice write-up. I haven’t been using Windows Media Center for a few years since I switch to DirecTV but this update makes me want to play around again. I’m even thinking cable again but cable is so bad in my town. Ben says:

The fact is that Microsoft has been in a league of its own with Vista Media Center and while the competition is still sitting idle suing each other, Microsoft has yet again raised the bar. There is no doubt in our mind that it is the all around best DVR solution available today, but we recognize it isn’t for everyone. The upfront cost is the most glaring barrier to entry, with the potential maintenance a close second.

I just wish DirecTV would have continued with their tuner. If your interested in media centers give the article a read. Microsoft looks to be doing some great things with Windows 7.

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