Review: Popcorn Hour C-200

I have been a fan of the Popcorn Hour media streamers since they first announced the A-100. I was on a two month waiting list to get mine. I haven’t updated to the C-200 yet mostly because my A-100 still fits my needs as most of my content is still in SD and I didn’t need the TrueHD formats that Blu-Ray provide. GeekTonic had the chance to review the C-200 which you should read over if your thinking about buying. From what most have said the hardware is great. It’s the GUI that needs work. It looked dated when it was released for the A-100 but now having a device like the C-200 it is ancient. The nice thing is there are plug-ins to change the default look and some have very nice interface like movie jukebox. Maybe someday I will be able to test this out myself. A video of the interface is below.

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[…] more flash memory over the previous model. At $179 it has the same hardware as the $300 C-200. The C-200 has a LCD, which is bad, and HDD quick dock but I feel the A-200 is the better buy. […]

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