Review: Netflix Streaming on Wii

I ordered the Netflix streaming disc for Wii as soon as I could. I got it in the mail this weekend but just now had time to pop it in and play around with it. The Wii is only SD so that’s what you are going to get with Netflix streaming. Most of the content for Netflix streaming is SD so it’s not really a big deal.

The interface has a Wii feel which I personally like. Bigger buttons make it easy to navigate around with the Wiimote. At first launch it brings up your queue but you have the ability to browse other streaming content by category. A nice feature that the Roku box doesn’t have. Playing a title loaded quick and quality was good. The only draw back is that you have to use the CD every time you want to watch. I wish you had the ability add it to the Wii menu. With the Wii being a family device using Netflix is simple. If you can operate the Wii you can load up Netflix.

The video below is a quick walk-thru. The image quality looked better than it appears in the video.

– Fast load times
– Nice interface
– Ability to browse other streaming titles

– Must use disc every time

Since I have Netflix streaming through two Roku boxes and a Blu-ray player I thought I should compare the services.

Roku vs. Wii
– The Wii outperformed the Roku box in load times. From a few quick tests the Wii loaded twice as fast.
– Wii gives the option to browse content not in your instant queue.
– No HD on Wii but I rarely get HD on Roku.
– Have to have a disc for Wii.
– Wii has nicer interface

Insignia Blu-ray vs. Wii
– Blu-ray has HD
– Blu-ray loads HD just as fast as Wii loads SD content.
– SD content looked better on blu-ray player.
– Both have ability to browse other content.
– No disc for blu-ray

If I had to rate them it would be Roku, Wii, Blu-ray with Roku being the worse. That’s based on performance at my house.

If you have questions let me know in the comments.

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