Review: Kodak Zi8

A few sites are starting to get their hands on the new Kodak Zi8. Overall the response is very positive. Engadget said the iPhone had just as good of quality. I find that hard to believe but I don’t have either to compare. Gizmodo’s review had a lot more detail and only had two negatives, software and no internal storage. I use iMovie so software doesn’t matter and no internal memory is a good thing, I think. I can buy a couple 8GB cards for cheap and it allows me to swap them out. Plus I can buy a bigger card down the road as prices drop. With a Flip you are stuck with what it comes with. The sample footage looks great even though I would say my Zi6 videos look just as good but it’s hard to tell unless you did a side-by-side comparison, not on YouTube. The Zi6 videos I uploaded to YouTube look worse than on my computer. I still might have to buy the Zi8 just for the increased resolution and Mic in jack. There are a couple videos below, one with Zi8 and one Zi6. The Zi8 goes on sale in September for $180 and you can pre-order right now on Amazon.

Below: Zi8 with 1080p at 30fps

Below is Zi6 shot in 720p at 60fps. It’s at night but I think it picked up the detail very well.

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I don’t see how the internal memory is a con. That’s one of the things I hate about the Flip. SD cards are so cheap and I could even use one card for Disney travel, one for affiliate marketing stuff, and so on — no mixing, unlimited storage possibilities — what’s the downside of using SD cards instead of internal memory?

With the increasing quality of compact camera’s video capabilities, I wonder if these “compact,” video-only cameras will have staying power. Will be interesting to watch.

I don’t see a downside to SD cards at all. Like you said you can have one card for each use. The only issue I see is that the consumer will have to understand that a SD card will be required. Hopefully they are smart enough to hit up Amazon for cheap prices, under $20 for 8GB.

I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere but the Zi6 used .mov extensions. I assume the Zi8 will as well. I consider that a plus for Mac users. The Flip uses .avi which isn’t as compatible with iMovie and other video editing software.

I don’t see these compact camcorders going anywhere for awhile. Kodak seems to know that smartphones have recording capabilities but are limited. They have to add things that smartphones don’t have. The Zi6 had a macro switch for recording close-ups. The Zi8 has mic input and image stabilization.

I also agree about not seeing the SD card as a con. My biggest question.. is how is the image stabilization? I’m excited to see a camera at this size shooting true 1080p.


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