Review: iTunes

iTunes is a great program to organize all your music. It doesn’t matter if you are on a Mac or a PC. Earlier versions were kinda shaky on the PC but all the bugs have been worked out now. It also makes it really easy to share the music through out the entire house. Or if you live in the dorms you can share throughout the dorm. As long as your on the same subnet. The import feature works like a charm. Plus the playlist allow you to catagorize the music anyway you like it. Well I could go through every good thing, which is most, but I want to list a few things that bother me. To begin you are only allowed to authorize 5 computers. 5 computers seems like enough but it is not. I have 4 just at my house. Then if I want to take my iPod with me I have to register another. Then if you reformat and forget to deauthorize then your stuck. They could fix this by allowing the user to edit the authorization list. But now if you run out you have to contact them and they will wipe all your authorized computers. It is just a step that I don’t want to make. Another thing that bothers me is burning an MP3 CD. The music you purchase from iTunes is AAC format. It is encrypted format. Well my car CD player has built in MP3 player. Well the music that you download through iTunes can’t be burnt to a MP3 CD without converting it first. I don’t like this. If iTunes knows you bought the song then it should convert it for you and burn the disk. These are the two things that really bother me. Overall I give iTunes high marks. I would say 4.5 out of 5. If you would like to download and try iTunes you can download it here.

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