Review: hField Wi-Fire

I said that I bought the wi-fire for my sister so she could get internet. I have tested it out and overall I’m really happy with the results. It about tripled the wireless range on my sisters Dell Inspiron 1420. Read below for more information.

First thoughts:
When I first opened it I thought it looked like cheap plastic. I’m still not thrilled with how it feels but it works. The clamp that you can use to fasten it to a laptop is awkward. I would rather it just have a base and set it next to a laptop.

It comes with software that you must install first. The software is lightwight and didn’t impact the laptops performance at all, even with both the internal and the wi-fire on at the same time. The software is really easy to use and I really like the fact that it gives % of signal. Having the % of signal strength is a lot better than the 5 bars that most pieces of software use. It also came with a retractable usb cable. I personally hate retractable cables but my sister wanted it over the usb cable I was going to give her.

For $79 it isn’t much more than a standard usb wireless card. This card is well worth the $79 if you need to reach that wireless from a distance.

I said above that the range almost tripled what I was getting with the internal wireless card. I don’t have an exact distance but I did take some pictures of the internal/wi-fire max distances. Even at the max distance with the wi-fire it was a lot more stable than the internal wireless card. I didn’t push wi-fire past a 8% to 10% signal range. Anything below that mark would disconnect too much to be worth anything.

If you need to pick up a access point from far away then the wi-fire is for you. I wasn’t thrilled with all the cosmetic parts of it but the device works great. And a device that works great is far better then a pretty piece of junk.

I said that I bought this for my sister so she could get internet from the school from her apartment. Well two days after she got it the school actually installed access points at the apartment. But she still uses the wi-fire because she gets faster internet from the school access points.

I’m pulling internet from that green house in the pictures. I know the name of that access point and the password to get on for testing.

The picture below is when the internal wireless card went out of range. It is about 40 feet in front of the building on the left hand side. You will see that building in the next photo.

The picture below is with the wi-fire card at about 10%. I was out of concrete and wasn’t going to get out and walk. Like I said about at 10% the internet was working well.

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