Review: EOS Wireless
I had the chance to play around with the EOS Wireless ipod speaker system. I have lots of pictures below of what comes in the box. I was surprised when I opened it by the small size of the speaker system. You can really put the speakers about anywhere you want and they won’t get in the way. I really liked the fact that the extra speaker can be plugged directly into the outlet without pulling out the cord, it basically hangs from the outlet. This makes it handy to just plug it in quickly to get some music going. The range for the wireless speaker is great. I had the speaker about 90 feet away from the base station and it was still working fine. This was through lots of walls in the house. Below are some positives and negatives of the EOS wireless system.

1. Very easy to setup and use.
2. Sound quality is good.
3. Volume level is good. I have seen a few posts about people complaining about the volume level. For me the volume is what you would expect out of a multi-room audio setup. It isn’t for a big college house party.
4. Quality of construction. The materials were well put together and felt sturdy on a table or hanging from an outlet.

1. Very simple controls and options. I listed this as a negative because I would have like some more controls. It would be nice to be able to control a master volume which would lower the volume on all speakers. It would also be nice to change song and playlist from the wireless speakers. I’m always wanting more out of any device though.

Final Thoughts:
Overall I thought it was a nice multi-room ipod dock. It really is as easy as plugging in the speakers and pushing play on the iPod. The wireless speakers connect within seconds. It is a first generation that is already very nice. I expect that future products will incorporate some of the negatives I mentioned and become an even better product.

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