Review: D-Link MediaLounge media extender

Ars Technica has a lengthy review of the D-Link DSM-750 Media Lounge. There is some good info in there but I didn’t really like some of the cons he came up with. He called the Media Center UI as Microsoft 1.0. Anybody that has been following Windows Media Center since the beginning will know that the interface is much improved. And for someone like myself that has been using it, I find it easy to navigate around. He also mentioned XBMC as being better, which I do agree in some cases, but the extender is designed to be a companion to Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center organizes and distributes. XBMC is better for single TV so you only have to setup media on the device once.

The Good:

* Easy to set up
* Integrated WiFi handy for getting content around the house
* Form-factor fits with other HT devices
* Online Media Center content is neat, as long as they keep it fresh.

The Bad:

* Media Center Extender feels like a Microsoft 1.0

The Ugly

* That a free solution on ancient hardware (XBMC on an Xbox) is still the best media center device I’ve come across.

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