Review: BlackBerry Desktop for Mac

BlackBerry Desktop for Mac was released today. This is great news for BlackBerry owners that use Mac. The software auto-launches when you connect your BlackBerry. My options are a little more limited than others because I’m on a BES server through work. You can sync Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks but mine go wireless synchronization so I can’t talk much about those features.

One nice thing was media sync is built-in to the application. Unlike the Palm Pre, who tries to pretend to be an iPod, media sync just syncs either all your playlists or selected playlists to your BlackBerry. The music has to be DRM free but it works well. It doesn’t bother me at all that I have to open BlackBerry Desktop to get my music. If you check the option to sync automatically when connected it makes it even easier.

Back Up and Restore are present like the Windows version. It gives the option to back up/restore all data or select the data you want. Very similar to Windows if that’s what you have been using.

Applications lists the installed applications on your device and give the option to install additional, update existing or uninstall. It also allows you to manage updates on your device. I couldn’t find a way to load unofficial OS like on Windows. For instance OS 5.0 for the Storm. I looked around and a few other sites are saying that it’s not possible. I’m sure someone will figure out how to get around that.

BlackBerry Desktop for Mac has been long awaited by the Mac crowd. It looks to be really solid in my testing. While I don’t need the software a lot it’s nice to know that I have a native Mac client to update and sync music.

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