Review: Blackberry App World

Yesterday Blackberry released App World. App World is supposed to be the answer to all the iPhone apps. I have been waiting for this for awhile to get some apps on my Blackberry Storm. They hope to have 1000 apps by the end of the week but there is already a large selection to pick from.

The Good:
1. The apps are easy to find as they are broken into categories.
2. Installing apps is as simple as clicking install and letting it finish.
3. The paid apps require a paypal account, which isn’t a bad thing.
4. Scrolling through App World on the storm is really nice. It makes you wish the entire OS was designed with touch in mind.

The Bad:
1. Whomever thought a minimum price of $2.99 is crazy. Half the apps with a $2.99 price should only be 99 cents. I had many apps fail to even download.
2. I keep trying to download them but it gives a network error even though I can download others.
3. Today when I went to App World under the My World tab it only had 2 of the 12 applications I installed. Shouldn’t it keep them listed so it knows when to notify me of updates.
4. They also offered Facebook app but the app was only version 1.2 and the latest is 1.3. Shouldn’t you offer the latest version of the app.
5. The biggest problem is my phone has locked up probably 15 times since yesterday morning. It is considerably slower than what it was before App World was installed and my battery is draining at record pace. Most would blame it on the Storm itself but I have only had to restart my Storm twice since I got it the day after release.

The much anticipated App World showed up with a thud. They had no new major apps to go along with the launch. And the trouble I have had so far makes me very weary of actually paying for apps. If you really wanted to compete wouldn’t you have launched with some crazy cool app to grab everyone’s attention. While it is easy to find/install applications, it’s not worth it if your phone will constantly have to have the battery pulled out. I have uninstalled most apps I installed trying to figure out which one is so poorly written it’s taking down my phone. It’s not just the storm. Co-workers had problems with the new apps and their curves locking up.

The only other thing I have to say is there was not a single Twitter app on there.

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