Review: ATI AIW 9800 Pro

The ATI AIW 9800 Pro is the graphics card that I use in my current machine. I bought this card not only for multimedia applications but also to play games. This card is great for both.

With games you don’t have to worry about looking at OK graphics. Go to the settings and turn everything on it’s highest setting. When you spend around $50 dollars for a game you need a card with this power to really get your money worth. The only games I have really tested it with is UT2004 and DOOM 3. Both can be played on highest settings. Another thing this card does is cut down on lag. I noticed a huge decrease in lag after switching to this card.

The multimedia part of this card is great too. The software is a little tricky to setup, but once it’s setup it works great. The one thing to remember is to update the software to the latest on ATI’s website. Once running the latest software you can turn your computer into a complete multimedia machine. From what I have seen it still isn’t as good as running Windows Media Center 2005, but the software is provided with the card at no additional cost. And updates are free too. A few things I don’t like about the card is the software not being as easy to setup and install, and the remote control. If I wasn’t as computer savy as I am then I would have had a hard time getting the software to work. I basic user probably would have spent some time on the phone or on the internet looking for solutions. The remote has a delay to it. I don’t like to wait, and with this remote you have to wait a second or so for the button to preform it’s function. So I end up getting impatient and pushing buttons wanting it to work. It ends up that I jump through a bunch of screens.

Overall this is a great card. And since the X series are out you can get this card at a good price. It was worth every penny that I paid for it.

For more information about ATI cards visit their website here.

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