Review: Archos TV+

Gadgetell Review

Since I first heard about Archos TV+ I was excited about what it could do. I still think that it has potential but it seems like it is lacking in certain areas. I don’t like the idea of $20 for plug-ins. I believe that additions should be free, especially since plug-ins can make a device even better. For the price I would rather have the AppleTV. The URL above is the the full review by Gadgetell.

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whats on the box is fine but when you buy its a diff thing. 1st of all its does nothing what it said out of the box not even a trail period. its like buying a brand new car and later found out you have to buy the engine in order for it to work. same with the archos tv+ its carp cost 200+ then you have to buy the software for it to do what it said on the box. opera is a free but you have to buy it to use the internet on the archos tv+
I got mind on clearence and the stupid store gone out of business and now its a door stop cause its does noting its a crap and am piss off.
a a wise to everyone save your money for gas and do not buy this crap.

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