Port Your Number to Google Voice

Google Voice will now allow you to port your existing number. It cost $20 plus whatever your carrier fees might be. While I use Google Voice for my voicemail, I probably won’t be porting any numbers over. I thought about my home phone but it wasn’t allowed. You can watch the video below that explains it over visit the Google blog for more info.

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“Port Your Number to Google Voice”, huh? Sounds like a great idea! Except it doesn’t work. First the instructions provided at Google fail to tell you that you must CLICK ON YOUR PHONE NUMBER after logging in to Google Voice to access the Setup where you’re supposed to start, so there’s ten minutes wasted there going back and forth trying to figure out WTF the instructions really mean with that crucial step omitted. Then when you get to where you OUGHT to be able to port your number over, what they HAVEN’T TOLD YOU by that point is that only a small subset of real-world numbers are actually possible to port over, and of course MINE WON’T so it was all wasted effort. Maybe in a few years they’ll have made Google Voice actually useful, but today it’s useless.

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