Obama Wants to Delay DTV Transition

Obama’s team has asked to delay the DTV transition.  They cited reasons that the coupons are out and people are still waiting.  They also said people didn’t have all the information they needed about the switch. They bring up some good points as the video above shows. But I’m thinking that delaying it isn’t going to solve anything. They set the deadline and I have heard about it for a year now on TV. If you watch any TV between 6 and 10pm you have seen the messages. It’s just like when we try and get users at work to respond. They ignore and will continue to ignore. The only option is to just do it and they can complain once it’s over, at that time you can act like you made a mistake and help them out. You can push the DTV transition out another year and there will still be people that will act like they have no clue what is going on.

I do feel bad for the elderly. Help out family and friends to make sure they are ready.

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