NY Times tries Home Theater


NY times writer was interested in setting up a home theater for less than $1000. Well the article is above but I think he didn’t do a very good job. And got paid for that article. I’ll give you what you need for under $1000 that is better then the $850 he spent. And you can purchase everything at Best Buy.

The equipment:

2 – Xbox 360 core, $300
1 – Wireless G router. $60
1 – Lacie Big disk 600GB external hard drive, 279.99

The guy in the article used existing computers and TV’s. So there you go. More hard drive space, 2 rooms, and wireless G. Most people that buy computers at Best Buy have Windows Media Center on them. I know because I work on a lot of them. It is a little more then his setup but will offer the user a better experience. I could have done this setup with a computer if I could have built my own. And honestly most people with high speed Internet already have G because they were talked into it by some Best Buy salesperson.

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