Nokia N800

We finally got our Nokia N800. We ordered two of them here at work. I have been playing around with it this evening. I’m not going to post a bunch of pictures of it because there are pictures all over the place online. So far I am really happy with it. There are a few things that bother me about it but I’m sure it’s because I haven’t got into all the customizing of the settings. I did want to tell everyone that Gizmo has an installer for the N800 on their website. So if your a Gizmo user then you won’t have to setup the nokia as a jabber client. Now I keep hearing that skype is supposed to be compatible but there is no installer yet. Hey skype, post a beta for the N800 because I would love to try it out with the video. Right now there is no way to video conference with a built in client. You have to use the Nokia conference program to use video. Not a great solution. I found it to be rather annoying. My thinking is that Skype wasn’t ready but Nokia wanted to release the N800. The Nokia does come loaded with Google search, maps, mail, talk, and news. It was a good idea including Google products. The wifi has great range. I can pick up more wireless signals then my MacBook Pro. RSS reader is a nice touch. You can also store different RSS’s into folders. Web browsing is fast for text but with picture heavy websites it is slower than my Windows Mobile phone. Still plenty of power for web surfing. Like I said I’m happy with the N800. Since I work in a business environment I am working on getting exchange email on it, along with outlook contacts. I’ll give a more detailed update once I use it for a little while. The above list are just some of my first thoughts.

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