New Project: Media Center 2005

I am going to start a new project soon. I have a Dell GX150 lying around so I am going to use it to test Media Center 2005 as part of a full house media experience. From my post about my Multimedia PC, I am not setting the GX150 up for storing or recording. I want to have all my content accessable on my TV. Plus this site is about easy. And from what I have seen Media Center 2005 is about as easy as you can get. I also have plans to buy the Xbox extender and a linksys media extender. That way both bedrooms, the family room, and the office will have access to all the multimedia files. I am still working on plans to not only cover the house in multimedia, but also tranfering all the files to my truck. I want my files with me where ever I go. The only problem with doing all this is MONEY. But I have tried the free software and they just don’t work for me.

One of the free software programs that I did try out was Media Portal. I will give a review on that program later. But one thing I will say is you better have a nice machine in order to run the software. The system requirments are way over what my test machine is. To find more about media portal go here.

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