New iTunes and iPods Today

Today was Apples big announcement on the new products coming out. The iPod Nano now has a camera, built-in fm tuner, bigger screen and the size got smaller. The iPod touch got a price drop for the 8GB and new sizes of 32GB and 64GB. The best part in my opinion was the new iTunes. The iTunes store was redone and I think it looks a lot better but not perfect. It reminds me a lot of the Zune store mixed with Amazon MP3. They took the best of both, kept what was good before and made for a better browsing experience. Another iTunes feature that I like is Home Sharing. This feature is a really nice addition but I feel like it’s not complete. It does allow for you to sync music from one mac to another but it will only transfer the song and not the playlists. There should be an option to sync the playlists since lots of multiple mac families have been working on a central iTunes location where playlists were already created.

I think the whole iPod Touch thing was a disappointment but I have mixed feelings about it. It is clear that the price drop on the 8GB Touch is to clear them out. You up the size to 32GB and 64GB but still stick with a 8GB, doesn’t add up unless your clearing stock piles of them, right? The lack of camera on the Touch is puzzling since you added it to the Nano. But again if your clearing stock you want to wait until you are low to come out with a camera version. The other thing is you want to keep the touch separate from the iPhone. You want GPS and a camera you get the iPhone. Now not everyone will switch to AT&T, myself included, but that’s why the iPhone will open to other carriers Q1 of 2010, my sources say. If it is true that it will open up then keeping key features, like the camera, off the touch will help sell more iPhones. I have high hopes to see a Verizon iPhone after the first of the year. So much so I am holding off upgrading my phone.

What are your thoughts on the announcement today? Going out to buy the new iPods? Just sticking with the iTunes update? Hate Apple?

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