New HDTV Energy Star Standards

The new energy star requirements 4.0 for HDTVs have dropped energy consumption by almost half on a 50″ set. These standards take effect on any set manufactured after May 1st 2010. The 3.0 specs mean that a 50″ HDTV could use 318 watts while 4.0 specs means a 50″ set can only use 153 watts. PC World has more numbers to compare too. Now HDTVs can still use more power but they won’t have the energy star logo on them. If you’re in the market for a new TV you should look at the energy star ratings. It means that the HDTV will cost less over the years. Plasma TVs are the ones that are going to be impacted more than they already have been. I’m not sure you can get a Plasma TV down to only 153 watts.

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