Netflix Streaming to the Wii?

There was a recent survey going around about Netflix streaming to the Wii. You can see the survey at Joystiq. While the Wii doesn’t offer HD resolution it does offer the services to a lot of people. And the people that could take advantage of the service are families that probably wouldn’t care if it wasn’t HD. I like the idea and believe it will help grow their service. They problem I have is you have to use a disk.

According to the survey, the Netflix service will be enabled through a “Netflix Instant Streaming Disc.” The disc would need to be placed in the Wii every time someone wanted to use the Netflix service. Unlike Microsoft, it appears Nintendo will not bundle Netflix into an upcoming firmware.

It would be better to add it to the Wii channel which would require no discs. They could also have a online setup to make it even easier for families to sign-up for the service. It isn’t confirmed by Netflix that this will be available at all but if they are talking about booting to a disc it means they have been experimenting.

(via EngadgetHD)

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